"Blue" ~ May Murphy Dayton, OH


"Gunner" Laura Blair


"Remmie" ~ Helaina Groves Lancaster OH

"Ringo" ~ Hilarie Bratset Lexington, Ky

"Ruca" ~ Chris Fowler Louisville, Ky

"Merlin" ~ Jennifer Gerber Shelbyville, Ky

This email came on the 1 year birthday of Gracie and Zeb's 2008 litter...

Hi Sherry,
                We purchased a pup from you in Feb this year after we lost our pitbull of 12 years the July before. Well our girl just turned 1 on the 19th and I thought I would send you some pics and let you know she is a very smart, well tempered and obedient dog. We got her in hopes that we could have a hunting dog but it has been slow going. Like I said she's smart, she does the basics sit, lay, stay, belly and there's not a place I can throw her toy she won't retrieve and she'll do it ALL DAY long well after we are tired and bored. We take her clay pigeon shooting for the exposure to the gun, it doesn't seem to bother her. She loves the water except when it's cold which makes it hard for her to duck hunt. So we've been training her for quail/pheasant. I'll send you some pics of her with her first birds if that ever happens. Have you ever seen a dog scared of the dark? She has a need for socks, it doesn't matter whose or even if they're still on your feet. She has learned that while running next to a kid all it takes is one swift hit with her hip and they'll be down to lick. She loves to jump on the trampoline, with or without kids. Everyday she hears the school bus and has to get our youngest off. She will go 7 houses down to the corner and actually wait for the bus to stop and then do her puppy dance till he gets off.  My oldest named her Lily. Her AKC name is Lillian Jean (Gene/Jean is family name that goes back 5 generations).  I'll let anyone know that is interested how to contact you. I get several people asking about her at the park where we play. Also at Bass Pro, it takes us an hour longer when we take her with us.
 I could go on and on about the funny, sad, and amazing things she has done over the last 8 months to help fill a huge void left by our loss. Thanks for the dog and I'll send some more pics when we have'em. 
Brian Brown

Another email from a satisfied buyer....

 Hello Sherry

I bought a blue male in January from you that was from JoeLean’s September 2010 litter. He is healthy and a huge part of our family. He is fantastic with kids yet very protective of them. We live in the country so he gets a tremendous amount of exercise which helps. He is without question the best dog I have ever had. His name is Blue Velcro and Velcro could not be a better name as he will not ever leave my side. So I have to thank you for the job that you do in breeding, his first birthday was November 15th and we could not be happier.

With that being said, I am trying to talk the wife into another Weimaraner and I will not buy one from anyone but you. I noticed on your website that you have a few available. Could you please email me pictures and tell me what is available?

 Thank You
Brian White Milton WV